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Painting, Prints

Born in Arab Azza - Jarablus - Idlib, Syria – 1954; Sharif Mouharram grew up in a very simple rural environment. Since his departure in 1981 from the atelier of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, the artist Muharram worked on more than one style and artistic direction, and Chess architecture remained the basic element in his painting. He presented it at times related to the human being (women in particular) and at other times without him, and his plastic movement was accompanied by a media movement through which he launched various interpretations, readings and interpretations, exciting and ambiguous, about the art that he produced and many other issues, most of which related to his rural childhood, full of surprise and discovery of the simple and deep aesthetics of nature. At the same time, they formed the reservoir of his visual memory, from which he inspired most of the elements and themes of his paintings.


He set up 25 individual exhibitions in Beirut, Cairo, Alexandria and Aleppo. The last solo exhibition 2008 (Dar Kalimat - Aleppo).

His works have been acquired in France, England, Germany and India.


He passed away on January 6, 2009, in his hometown Aleppo.

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