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15. Sabri Rafael.jfif


Painting, Prints

Born in the province of Hasaka in 1961, he studied free photography as a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union and a member of the Union of Dutch Photographers (2004) - (2005).

Rafael: "Many have painted nature, the silent nature, trees, mountains, flowers and clouds, but I did not paint nature just because it is colorful and beautiful, but I prepared from the stocks of my visual memory a symphony of colors to install and compose between its small parts paintings of art envisaging harmony among them."

The paintings of the artist, Sabri Raphael, are distinguished by the search for light when he paints the subjects of nature. The topic deals with nature and the silent nature with its formations, and it is a summary of a long stage with painting. When you contemplate his paintings, you feel comfortable in looking, and it is easy for you to define the features of the wonderful painting, which are simple in the topic and very artistic in the Enjaz technique in terms of the wonderful harmonious colors inspired by the province of Hasaka. The artist, Raif, was able to find his own tactical style. This method has merit in creating paintings that lead you to astonishment and deep contemplation of the price of this art and its vast spaces. Colors oily supports using the knife in the surface composition of the process completely knows how to keep the balance of blows the knife and in creating spaces for color and get a gradient multi - dimensional paintings.


The colors of the Syrian artist Raif Sabri Raphael rose to prominence in the Australian capital, Sydney, which hosted the first artist and pioneer of Syrian art in Hasaka province, represented by the holding of his plastic art exhibition in the city of Fairfield.


Many external and internal exhibitions in Australia and Syria, including:

Solo:  "Al-Hasakah" on 9/28/1999 and the Arab Cultural Centerin "Damascus" On 3/24/2001 with the title Greetings to “Sabri Raphael”
joint exhibition Sydney – Australia, June 2002 and the Education Center in “Al-Hasakah” on 11/4/2001
with “George Miro - Jules Kabbak”

Sabri Rafael - Bio: Our Artists
Sabri Rafael - Bio
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