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Painting, Prints

Nashaat Moudarres is a Syrian artist born in 1952 in Aleppo, Syria.

Solo exhibitions

He has several solo exhibitions, including:

In Al-Khanji Hall, Aleppo, 1998.

In the Armenian Renaissance Cultural Association, Aleppo, 1997.

In the Damascus Gallery, Damascus, 1998.

In Al-Khanji Gallery, Aleppo, with artist Luqman Mohammed, 2001.

In the lounge resort of Mashta Helou with the artist Luqman Muhammad 1996. In the hall of the Armenian Renaissance Association in Aleppo 2000 under the title: (Forum of Generations) joint with the artist Fateh Mudar - Asaad teacher and Fadi teacher

Group exhibitions

He has more than 60 group exhibitions in Aleppo , Damascus , Homs and Beirut . In 2004, he participated in an exhibition at the Syrian Al-Adiyat Association in Aleppo .

A hundred artists from Syria participated in an exhibition on the occasion of Aleppo, the capital of Islamic culture, whose activities are sponsored by Dar Kalimat in 2006.

His holdings

It is owned by the Damascus National Museum

Awards and honors

He was honored by the Armenian Renaissance Cultural Association in Aleppo with an honorary membership, and his works are distributed all over the world.

Nashaat Moudarres passed away June 21st 2015

Nashaat Moudarres - Bio: Our Artists
Nashaat Moudarres - Bio
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