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5. Mohammad Kabbawa.jfif


Painting, Prints, Sculptor

Mohammad Kabbawa is a Syrian/Turkish plastic artist who was distinguished in a precise manner in his plastic features that deal with contemporary conceptualism classic. He is an artist with multiple talents in drawing, forming and sculpture, especially in the art of miniature painting.

Kabbawa was influenced by his Levantine environment and his city "Aleppo" in which he was born in 1959 and acquired an early artistic talent through his studies at the Applied Arts Center and persuaded his higher education in art at the Academy of Arts in Petersburg despite his scientific orientation and his acceptance in the Medical College, devoting his life to fine arts.  He presented academic studies in Arab and Islamic arts, including the art of ceramics, and presented works specializing in Arab and Islamic miniature works that were admired and amazed by the recipients and critics.

Kabbawa is famous for blending Islamic legacy, modern expressionism and impressionism with the contemporary concept, offering the details of his environment Halabiya and Shamiya and their intensity of color and heritage.

He has held numerous exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Eastern Europe. His sculptural work "Abd al-Malik Ibn Marawan" was installed in front of the Bank of Russia.

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Mohammad Kabbawa - Bio: Our Artists
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