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Painting, Prints

Al-Kafri is a Palestinian artist who has lived his life in Damascus Syria before studying at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Cairo. The first painting he painted was during his high school education, a student at Jawdat Al-Hashemi High School, where he presented a painting in favor of the Palestinian revolution after its rise in 1965 and participated in it with a group of artists in favor of the resistance. That was the beginning of the artistic career of an artist who drew the resistance painting for many years.

The works of the artist Ali Al-Kafri are distinguished by presenting the different colors of heritage, especially the Palestinian heritage. It also works on Arabic calligraphy and oriental heritage in general. The viewer notes of his work, its connection to the place, which constitutes a profound significance for him. He held his first exhibition 35 years ago at the Arab Cultural Center in Damascus. During these long years, his experience went through many stages between realism, surrealism, abstract and classicism. His last exhibition in the Al-Sayed Gallery, which was held last month, was distinguished by research and innovation on the level of technology and experience through new works that dealt with multiple topics.

He has 32 individual and many joint exhibitions in a large number of Arab and foreign countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, the former Soviet Union, Iraq, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, the Emirates, Bulgaria, Iran and Syria.
His works are acquired in: the National Museum of Damascus, the National Museum of Riyadh, the National Museum of Iran, the Royal Palace in Riyadh and private collections in: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Qatar, Algeria, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, China.


Additional artist fun facts:

  • Member of the Union of Arab and Syrian Plastic Artists, and Palestinian plastic artists.

  • Member of the Palestinian Writers and Journalists Union.

  • He worked in television, journalism and artistic production for a number of newspapers.

  • He participated in all official exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture and the Syndicate of Fine Arts.

Ali Al-Kafri - Bio: Our Artists
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