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Since 1991, Azmina Art Galleries has played an important role in promoting artists and their creations around the Mesopotamian area (modern nation-state of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Kuwait). Three decades later, we are proud to have relocated and open our 1st virtual gallery in the United States.
For the last 30 years, our staff has worked closely with the painters and private curators to feature pieces by artists we represent into some of the most admired public and private collections in the art world. We’re dedicated to protecting and promoting the Mesopotamian art culture and heritage. We pride ourselves on representing our artists and their work in the best possible way. Their success is our success.

1. Sabhan Adam - Cover.PNG
2. Barsoum Barsouma - Cover.PNG
3. Wahid Magharbe - Cover.PNG
4. Hazem Akil - Cover.PNG
5. Mohammad Kabbawa - Cover.PNG
6. Sharif Mouharram - Cover.PNG
7. Ali Al Kafari - Cover.PNG
8. Ali Mukawas - Cover.PNG
9. Saad Yagan - Cover.PNG
10. Zouhair Hassib - Cover.PNG
11. Fouad Dahdouh - Cover.PNG
12. Nashaat Moudarres - Cover.PNG
13. Hijar Issa - Cover.PNG
14. Khalil Akary - Cover.PNG
16. Youssef Bakar  Cover.PNG
15. Sabri Rafael - Cover.PNG
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Born in Hassaka, Sabhan Adam (1973) is a self-taught artist who creates works in relative isolation from the art world. A prolific artist, he has built up his career in both traditional and independent ways through exhibiting with galleries but also independently marketing and self-funding work and publications. 


2. Barsoum Barsouma2.jfif

Born in 1947, Barsoum Barsouma is a Syrian artist born in Al-Hasakah, Syria. 1947 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus - painting department.

“From the civilization of Mesopotamia”, came the artist Barsoum Barsouma carrying in his conscience an aesthetic humanity, worthy of his homeland 



3. Wahid Magharbe.jfif

Born in 1942, Wahid Magharbe is a Syrian / Moroccan artist who grew up and lived his life in Aleppo Syria. He carried the sciences of the East to the West, mixing their pigments producing pure and pleasant colors, and his ideas converged with the currents in which he grew up and later integrated into the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, which was




Hazem Akil is a Syrian artist born in Aleppo, Syria. From an early age he demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring his creative passion to fruition. He held his first solo exhibition in 1984. He moved to Lebanon in 2012, where he currently resides.

Akil is known for his abounding in 

6. Sharif Mouharram.jfif

Mohammad Kabbawa is a Syrian/Turkish plastic artist who was distinguished in a precise manner in his plastic features that deal with contemporary conceptualism classic. He is an artist with multiple talents in drawing, forming and sculpture, especially in the art of miniature painting.

Born in Arab Azza - Jarablus - Idlib, Syria – 1954; Sharif Mouharram grew up in a very simple rural environment. Since his departure in 1981 from the atelier of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, the artist Muharram worked on more than one style and artistic direction, and Chess architecture remained the basic element in 


7. Ali Al Kafri.PNG

Al-Kafri is a Palestinian artist who has lived his life in Damascus Syria before studying at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Cairo. The first painting he painted was during his high school education, a student at Jawdat Al-Hashemi High School, where he presented a painting in favor of the Palestinian revolution after its rise 


8. Ali Mokawas.jpg

Born in Latakia, Ali Mukawas (1955) graduated from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University in 1978. He became a well-respected professor of the visual arts, teaching in Algeria, the UAE, Oman and Syria.
Mukawas is characterized by his full aware work upon depth & breadth of  


10. Zouhair Hassib.jfif

Born in Hasaka, Syria 1960 of Kurdish origins; Zouhair Hasib would break down barriers as a Kurd. Kurdish people were not allowed to achieve higher education, historically. However, unwavering and determined, he graduated with an art diploma and was at the top tier of his class from the University of Damascus.

12. Nashaat Moudarres.jfif

Syrian artist Fouad Dahdouh was born 1960 in Damascus, Syria.

Considered as one of the most important sculptor of the Middle East, sculpture was his domain during his studies and later in his teaching activities. Painting, which he later chose as his profession, became his sphere of activity. He is an outstanding painter whose name is 

Nashaat Moudarres is a Syrian artist born in 1952 in Aleppo, Syria.

His holdings:

It is owned by the Damascus National Museum

Awards and honors:

He was honored by the Armenian Renaissance Cultural Association in Aleppo with an honorary membership


13. Hijar Issa.jfif

Plastic artist, born in "Qamishli" in 1970. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1992. He constantly re-create his rural environment in his work, as the subject appears as a permanent extension of himself in most of his art work.

Hijar Issa has held more than one solo exhibition and has participated in


14. Khalil Akary.jfif

Born in Damascus on May 28 1945, Khalil Akary studied painting at the Higher Institute of Arts and Theater in "Yerevan - Armenia" and obtained a master's degree. He also obtained a diploma in restoration of works of art and icon from the All-Soviet Central Institute for Restoration Research and Sciences "Moscow 1984".

15. Sabri Rafael.jfif

Born in the province of Hasaka in 1961, he studied free photography as a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union and a member of the Union of Dutch Photographers (2004) - (2005).

Rafael: "Many have painted nature, the silent nature, trees, mountains, flowers and clouds, but I did not paint nature just because it is colorful and beautiful


16. Youssef Bakar.jfif

The plastic artist Youssef Bakr, born in Afrin / Syria in 1964. He studied at the Arts Center of Aleppo from 1984-1989 before moving to Germany in 1997. His paintings are in public and private collections in Germany, Syria, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Belgium, Switzerland and the USA.

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5. Mohammad Kabbawa.jfif
9. Saad Yagan2.jfif


Born in Aleppo, Syria in 1950, Saad Yagan is a leading contemporary Syrian painter. He is regarded as a key member in the development of contemporary Syrian Art and is one of the most significant modern-expressionist painters in the Middle-East.

Yagan began painting at the age of thirteen. He studied painting at the


11. Fouad Dahdoud.jfif



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